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Prep Outfitters was born because of a passion in education and a desire to help both students and educators of all kinds. We want to make a change; we want to give back!
At Prep Outfitters, we recognize that educators and students need support to succeed. We understand that some teachers and schools do not receive the supplies or the means to get supplies needed for their classroom! We want to help with that through our Prep Rep program as well as donations to a variety of charities and organizations.
We will be donating a portion of our proceeds back to educational charities,  that give back to both students & teachers!
Prep Outfitters is more than just a brand, it’s a movement! It’s a chance for us to make an impact in the world of education.
This is for the educators – you are making a difference.
This is for the teachers – your hard work is recognized.
This is for the parents – your support means the world.
This is for the students who just need the opportunity to succeed.
Prep Outfitters was created to help educators PREP their students, so that the students can PREP for their future OUR future!
Thank you for supporting us! More importantly, thank you for supporting education.
Prep Outfitters– By educators, for educators.
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